Name:  Lilly Marlene of Loveliness  24/03/2010
Geschlecht:  weiblich
Rasse:  Maine Coon
Farbe:  black silver torbie

MYBPC3-Gen : negativ,

HCM Ultraschall : Negativ 

Eltern Grosseltern Urgrosseltern UrUrgrosseltern

Nightingale Armani of Loveliness,

MCO ds 09 22, 2005-10-29, DE/DE
(red silver tabby white)

Overlord Sparrow of Firedevils, MCO n 09, 2003-10-09, SE/DE [h]
(black white )

Overlord Nutchezz,

MCO n 22, 2002-10-25, SE/SE
(black tabby classic)

CH Ganimed of Diamond Hill, MCO n 22, 2001-04-17, DE/SE [p] [h]
IC Overlord Ladybird, MCO n, SE/SE

Overlord Exotica,

MCO f 09 22
( black torbie classic white)

EC Kassaro Mackinley, MCO n 09 22, 1999-09-18, UK/SE
IC Kassaro Texussunshine, MCO f 22, UK/SE

Nightingale Klaire,

MCO ds 22, DE/DE
(red silver tabby cl.)

IC Chamberlain Al Capone,

MCO ds 22, 1999-07-09, DE/DE
( red silver tabby classic)

EC Pahokee Here I Am of Manitoba, MCO n 22, 1997-04-11, DE/DE [p]
GC PR Witchcats Ivory, MCO es 22, 1998-06-02, DE/DE [p]

Hillery of Nightingale,

MCO f, 1997-02-21, DE/-
( black tortie)

IC Amigo of Nightingale, MCO n 22, 1993-12-10, DE/DE
GIC Beam Beauty Ginger Chanel of Nightingale, MCO f, 1992-05-07, DE/DE

Pahokee Highlight of Loveliness,

MCO n 22, 2002-11-07, DE/DE
(black tabby classic)

EC Graeftenhof Hemingway of Loveliness,

MCO n 22, 1995-07-31, DE/DE
( black tabby classic)

CH Fitzpaws Apache,

MCO n 23, 1994-06-22, US/DE
(black tabby mc)

RW-SGC Calicoon Sherman, OS, MCO n 22, 1991-04-19 [p]

Wyndhaven Ariel of Fitzpaws,
MCO ns 23, 1993-05-17, US/US

Firenze Japanese Pearl,

MCO n 22
(black tabby)

GC Yazoo Harry Houdini of Coonsboro,
MCO n 09 22, 1992-11-08
CH Willowplace Renaissance Dream,
MCO n 22, 1992-11-06, US/US

Pahokee Josephine,

MCO ns 22, DE/DE
(black silver tabby cl)

Pahokee Purple-Rain,

MCO a, 1996-05-31, DE/DE

Tara Wolf-Maine,

MCO a, 1993-09-13, DE/DE

Tara Black Mamba, MCO n, 1995-06-01, DE/DE

Willowplace Roxanne,

MCO ns 22, 1996-01-02, US/DE
(black silver tabby classic)

GC SaintClouds Silverdude of Willowplace, MCO ns 22, 1992-02-27 [p]

CH Willowplace Legendary Facsimile, MCO n 22, 1992-03-28, US/US [p]